Mizoram is situated in the North Eastern part of India. It shares 404 km and 318 km long international borders with Myanmar and Bangladesh respectively.

Geographical Area
21,081 Sq.Km.
Between laltitude 21°.58' N to 24°.35' N and longitude 92°.15' E to 93°.29' E.The tropic of cancer runs through the state nearly at its middle.
State Capital
Aizawl. It is located in the northern part of Mizoram at an altitude of 1132 meters above sea level.
No. of District
11 (Aizawl, Lunglei, Siaha, Champhai, Kolasib, Serchhip, Lawngtlai, Mamit, Saitual, Khawzawl, Hnahthial)
No. of Assembly Constituencies
No. of Lok Sabha Seat
No. of Rajya Sabha Seat
Highest Mountain
Phawngpui, in Siaha District, with an elevation of 2157 metres.
Longest River
Tlawng River, measuring 185.15 Km. It originates in Zopui Hill (Near Zobawk in Lunglei) at an elevation of 1,395 metres (4,577 ft).
Altitude of Tlabung
21.03 Metre
Altitude of Murlen
1877.30 Metre
Important Festival
Chapchar Kut, Christmas Festival, New Year Festival, Anthurium Festival, Lyuva Khutla Festival.
National Parks
Murlen National Park, Phawngpui National Park
Important Wildlife
i) Animals: Serow, Hoolock Gibbon, Binturong, Indian Bison, Clouded Leopard
ii) Birds: Hume's Pheasant, Great Indian Hornbill, Hornbill, Peacock Pheasant, Kalij Pheasant
Main Rivers
Tlawng, Tiau Lui, Chhimtuipui, Tut, Tuivai, Tuichang, Tuirial, Mat, Tuivawl, Tuirini, Serlui
Forest Area
18748 km2 ( 88.93 % of the state geographical area) as per Forest Survey of India Report, 2015.
Historical Places
Rih Dil, Lianchhiari Lunglen Tlang, Thasiama Seno neihna, Lamsial Puk, Sibuta Lung, Kawtchhuah Ropui.
Tourism Interest
State Museum, Reiek Tlang, Hmuifang, Sialsuk Tlang, Tam Dil, Vantawng Falls.