In today world of technological age, we use computers in almost every Government offices, corporations and Private offices for our daily works. However, it is learnt from recent survey that most of the computers used in Government offices are more than 5 years old. Therefore, these are completely outdated and require their replacement with the new version as the outdated hardware can not support the new version of operating system, database and applications.

Almost all the manufacturers of Computer do away with their old products when they develop new hardwares which results in scarcity of the spare parts of the old computer and the price of repair is in most cases higher than the latest product. If one part of the old computer require replacement, the supported hardware price are nearly same as a new Computer. The Government might actually save and work will be more efficient if the outdated computers are replaced with brand new computers.

Keeping in mind the above observations, the following policy/guidelines for condemnation of IT equipment is made for issuance of necessary Office Memorandum for compliance of all Government Departments, public sector undertaking Government Corporations etc.

1. The IT equipments will include the following items:

  • Servers
  • PCs
  • Dumb Terminals
  • Printers
  • UPS
  • Laptops
  • Software Packages
  • Technical books and manual pertaining to Hardware and software being condemned.

2. Applicable to:

  • All Government Departments under the Government of Mizoram
  • All Autonomous Bodies/ Local Bodies under the Government of Mizoram
  • All PSUs/Societies under the Government of Mizoram.

3. Ground for condemnation:

The IT equipments can be condemned on the following grounds:

  • Technically obsolete:
  • Hardware which has been used for at least five(5) years from the date of purchase and they are not in working condition.
  • Third Party software/books/manual that has been used for at least five (5) years from the date of purchase will be treated as obsolete provided the service/technical support is no longer available.
  • Beyond economical repair : When repair cost is considered too high as compared to the current value (taking depreciation into account), and the age of the equipment. Such cases should be sent to Department of ICT and Finance Department for concurrence/approval.
  • Equipment that has been damaged due to fire or any other reason: Such cases shall be sent to Department of ICT and Finance Department for concurrence/approval.

The equipment should not be processed for condemnation merely on ground of usage period, but should depend on the usefulness of the equipment for the user, which may vary on the purposes for which it is used. The Department should also ensure that the equipment proposed for condemnation is outdated and its upgradation is technically not possible due to non availability/cessation of the hardware and software in the market.

4. Disposal/Alternate use:

Once the equipment has been condemned it should be removed from office use and keep it in the area allocated for scrapped equipments.There may be an alternative use for such equipment such as:

  • Researched Project.
  • Training at different poly-techniques/Govt. Schools/Colleges
  • Sold to vendor under buy back scheme.

If there is an alternative use, the equipment may be kept at area allocated for scrapped equipment until it can be handed over to third party. In case of Research Project or Technical Institutions, Department must sign an agreement with them that they will use it for community development and will not sell the same in market. Department will also ensure removal of service and inventory labels from such equipments. All data including operating system must be removed after taking proper backup. The equipment that can not be put to alternative use as indicated above must be auction as per prevailing Govt. policy.

5. Responsibility of Department:

5.1 Each unit of department will prepare equipment condemnation note which should be individually numbered having equipment description, including the make, model, serial number, asset register number, purchase date, purchase price, reason for condemnation and additional information, if any.

5.2 Department will constitute a condemnation committee which will review all condemnation notes and decide about the condemnation of equipments as per guidelines given above. The committee should have at least one member having IT background.

5.3 All procedure and rules made under relevant Rules of the Government on maintenance of records for condemnation of non-consumables items will be made maintenance in these cases.

5.4 The condemnation report so prepared by the Department based on these guidelines will be sent to Department of ICT for approval. The condemnation will be done only after approval is obtained from Department of ICT. To avoid piece meal approach, all cases of a Department may be processed once in a year in May-June.

6. This issues with the approval of Finance Department vide I.D. No.FIN(E) 465/2010 dt.5.8.2010.